Is this the route I have to take??

  1. I want to be a nurse but I am interested in how foods affect the way we act, feel, etc. I want to educate patients and parents that what you eat can help you feel better. For example, cut all forms of corn out of my sons diet changes his mood 100%. He no longer is depressed and doesn't get moody, plus he doesn't fight with his sister.

    Do I stop at RN or should I go to NP then specialize in Holistic after?
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  3. by   ChristineN
    Just curious, but why RN? Have you thought about being a registered dietitian?
  4. by   Tvel97
    Never thought of that. I will have to look into it. My original goal was to be a L&D nurse.
  5. by   ChristineN
    Quote from Tvel97
    Never thought of that. I will have to look into it. My original goal was to be a L&D nurse.
    No offense, but I am sure L&D would be a good job for you since many of the interventions done can be more controversial, especially by those who are holistic.
  6. by   Tvel97
    Did you mean L&D would not be a good fit? I looked into RD and it's not something I would like. It's hard to explain. I don't want to make meal plans, just want to be able to say to someone cut corn to see if that helps, or cut dairy for this reason, etc.

    My son has an allergy to corn protein, but he can still eat it. It doesn't have an anaphylactic effect. It just makes his face break out, depression, stress, anger, etc. Doctors want to throw meds at you, I want to avoid the meds route and try keeping certain foods, dyes and such out of diets.

    I think I will stick with my RN as a major and maybe do some nutrition classes for my own knowledge.
  7. by   Wrench Party
    Dietitian or nutritionist would be the way to go if you want to focus on diet and exercise to help people. Most RNs, including
    myself, are trained in the allopathic/Western model vs. holistic and more Eastern methods. It's only when nurses work in particular
    specialties (hospice, oncology, wellness centers come to mind) that the complementary methods may come to the forefront.

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