The Importance of Spirituality in Nursing

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    Here is a great article regarding Spirituality in Nursing:

    The Importance of Spirituality in Nursing

    Interesting read.
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    Thanks for sharing this article!
    Nurses need reminding that there are many patient care needs to be met and that some have more meaning than others.
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    I went thru several hankies reading this. It's a beautiful, but sad story.
    Thank you.
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    There is a saddnes in the death of a loved child, but I see this story as very uplifting. This family though the actions of a nurse and other heath care professionals was given a spiritual peace that can help them mourn and (sorry to be trite) "get on with thier lives".

    I have no right to feel this way be a I'm proud of the fact the patient here asked a her nurse to complete this important mission for her & her child.

    I see that we (nurses) CAN make a difference and not just in the patient LOS.
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    Spirituality and nursing are a good couple. I cannot do my work as a nurse when there is no spirituality in myself. I think that spirituality is a very important issue for patients at the hospital. It helps to heal when spirituality is the leading issue for our work as nurses.


    kristjaan (The Netherlands)
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