How do I get involved in Alternative/Holistic nursing? How do I get involved in Alternative/Holistic nursing? - pg.2 | allnurses

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How do I get involved in Alternative/Holistic nursing? - page 2

What do you do when you have a nursing degree but don't believe in Western medicine or our health care system? I recently received my BSN degree and through my schooling came to the realization that... Read More

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    If I am passionate about integrative/alternative health and PREVENTION of disease, which is the best degree to get, would
    it be ANP or FNP?
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    I am so glad to see a section on holistic care. I have not yet decided what path I would like to go down as far as specializing in nursing. My best friends mother has end stage cancer and I started watching a lot of movies on Netflix about juicing fasts, Gerson therapy, natural remedies vs meds and I whole heartedly agree that natural I the way to go; however, if the patient is not responding to natural treatment, I feel that there are times when med therapy may be appropriate. I would like to learn more info about getting into this area of nursing, luckily I am in the Tri state area near NYC and Philly so maybe there's something?
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    I agree with every single word you posted. I feel absolutely the same way. I am currently a nursing student. I, too, got into nursing knowing that many lessons that will be taught in school will go against my belief in patient care. I do not like to encourage western medicine if it is not necessary. I don't mind med-surg but optimally I rather not be the one who just push meds on patients. I believe in healthy lifestyle. I also feel lost while I am in Nursing school. Some days I feel okay about myself. Some days I feel like I have chosen the wrong path and I don't belong. Thank you for posting this as I can relate to you and take information from the replies. I am glad that there are people out there who has the same belief
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    Holistic nursing is something I would love to do. I have researched for it awhile back but don't have a lot of info. Right now my second choice would be Nursing patient educator but ultimately, holistic is my niche no doubt about it.

    I also have Maternity-child (hope to work in a natural birthing center, not too much meds) or Nurse Informatics in mind because I am a computer person. At least I won't have to be pushing meds on patients, but I will lose the chacne to educate patients. But that's if I cannot find holistic nursing/nurse patient educator.
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    Thanks EVERYONE for the helpful information! I'm in my early 20s, I have been a nurse for two years (tele) and 89% of the ways we treat patients, I disagree with. When I first started nursing, I looked down on alternative medicine as "phony". Then, as I saw what people are doing to themselves by just popping pills and living an unhealthy lifestyle, I realized that something has to change. So many people are dependent on meds and they don't realize it. I have healed myself with TONS of research and blown my doctor's mind with how I got off of meds and healed ulcers naturally after being on EVERY SINGLE antacid medication for years. Granted, it took a lot of trial and error, but it worked with nutrition, herbal remedies, and relaxation/meditation. I would love to share this information with others and learn more. I will be looking at getting certifications through AHNA. Also, I like the ULAN systems! Thanks so much everyone. Can't wait to see where my career takes me!