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What do you do when you have a nursing degree but don't believe in Western medicine or our health care system? I recently received my BSN degree and through my schooling came to the realization that... Read More

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    I just became a (student) member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, and really feel like I've found "my people" in nursing. It's hard to reconcile the limitations in allopathic care for natural preventive approaches to health and wellness. But we've got to push those limits and work towards increasing public awareness of these practices.

    What's great about the AHNA membership is that I was also able to find an AHNA network of nurses in my area and have started going to meetings and events with others in the field. They are doing a lot of different types of work: nutritional counselor, oncology nurse navigator, lifecoach, private practice massage therapy, holistic nurse practitioner. Some within the hospital, some in outpatient settings, some independently. Try and network with others who feel the same way you do. It will really make a difference, and might help you feel less lost.

    Good luck on your journey!!
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    Im currently studying Healing Touch, which is a nursing modality recognised by the Holistic Nurses and proven many times over. I, too, have been disheartened by the changes in "healthcare". I don't see it becoming any better.

    I am hoping and praying to open my own practice within 18 months.
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    i'm a holistic rn and i felt the same way as you. i've always wanted to help people, but was not a fan of hospitals or pushing medication. after nursing school, i worked on a psych unit for a few year to get hospital experience, but could no longer keep doing it because i felt that hospitals were all about money & did not care about the patients.....they were simply dollar signs to the "hospital business". i always believed in natural medicine and loved teaching my patient about natural healing therapies, so i decided to look for a holistic nursing program. it can be hard to find a program, but i enrolled in the one i found...the ny college of health professions. the program revolved around chinese medicine & amma therapy, and even had clinicals in the teaching clinic so we got hands on experience with real was tough, but i'm so happy i did it. i love holistic nursing and being able to teach people how they can heal themselves. since graduating from there, i took certification classes in reiki & raindrop therapy. i'm glad i finally found my niche in nursing, and do love it, but since holistic medicine i not yet mainstream or covered ny insurance, it is difficult to find a job as a holistic have to create it yourself sometimes. i worked at an integrative healing center providing holistic treatments, and now working in a city office with my own business.
    i have a fan page on facebook if you'd like to check it out.

    i'm not sure where you live, but you should look into holistic nursing programs in your area.
    i believe that you should always do what makes you happy! hope this helped
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    If I am passionate about integrative/alternative health and PREVENTION of disease, which is the best degree to get, would
    it be ANP or FNP?
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    I am so glad to see a section on holistic care. I have not yet decided what path I would like to go down as far as specializing in nursing. My best friends mother has end stage cancer and I started watching a lot of movies on Netflix about juicing fasts, Gerson therapy, natural remedies vs meds and I whole heartedly agree that natural I the way to go; however, if the patient is not responding to natural treatment, I feel that there are times when med therapy may be appropriate. I would like to learn more info about getting into this area of nursing, luckily I am in the Tri state area near NYC and Philly so maybe there's something?
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    I agree with every single word you posted. I feel absolutely the same way. I am currently a nursing student. I, too, got into nursing knowing that many lessons that will be taught in school will go against my belief in patient care. I do not like to encourage western medicine if it is not necessary. I don't mind med-surg but optimally I rather not be the one who just push meds on patients. I believe in healthy lifestyle. I also feel lost while I am in Nursing school. Some days I feel okay about myself. Some days I feel like I have chosen the wrong path and I don't belong. Thank you for posting this as I can relate to you and take information from the replies. I am glad that there are people out there who has the same belief
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    Holistic nursing is something I would love to do. I have researched for it awhile back but don't have a lot of info. Right now my second choice would be Nursing patient educator but ultimately, holistic is my niche no doubt about it.

    I also have Maternity-child (hope to work in a natural birthing center, not too much meds) or Nurse Informatics in mind because I am a computer person. At least I won't have to be pushing meds on patients, but I will lose the chacne to educate patients. But that's if I cannot find holistic nursing/nurse patient educator.
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    Thanks EVERYONE for the helpful information! I'm in my early 20s, I have been a nurse for two years (tele) and 89% of the ways we treat patients, I disagree with. When I first started nursing, I looked down on alternative medicine as "phony". Then, as I saw what people are doing to themselves by just popping pills and living an unhealthy lifestyle, I realized that something has to change. So many people are dependent on meds and they don't realize it. I have healed myself with TONS of research and blown my doctor's mind with how I got off of meds and healed ulcers naturally after being on EVERY SINGLE antacid medication for years. Granted, it took a lot of trial and error, but it worked with nutrition, herbal remedies, and relaxation/meditation. I would love to share this information with others and learn more. I will be looking at getting certifications through AHNA. Also, I like the ULAN systems! Thanks so much everyone. Can't wait to see where my career takes me!
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