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Holistic Nurses, what are your thoughts on GMO's - page 2

I am very curious on what your thoughts are on GMO's in our food and over the counter supplement supply.... Read More

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    Funny... somehow the Hospice and Oncology nurses get this issue....wonder why?
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    Seems odd doesn't it?
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    We need to question the rise in autoimmune disease such as Celiac, MS, Lupus, food allergies and other in relation to the 1980 patent for GMO. Please research the March Against Monsanto (the primary GMO) which takes places in hundreds of cities over 60 countries all over the world on May 23, 2015. Please join one of these Marches. Be an advocate for patients, family and future!

    Genetic Modification Research Studies

    Institute for Responsible Technology -
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    I would respectively disagree with you. Having worked in hospice for 15 years I can tell you I have seen more and more cancer in younger and younger people. The closer you eat to natural, non processed food the better off you are. If you can't pronounce the ingredients...I don't eat it
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    Alphabet-soup RN...you rock and you so get it.
    Don't buy the lies or the GMO laden food.
    Personally, I have my own chickens (Lucy, Ethel and Ricky Roo). My own two mini milk goats and have started my aqua ponics garden. Such fun!!
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    There is no scientific evidence that GMOs are harmful

    so, so much misinformation about this topic
    I would challenge anyone on this thread buying into the hype of the tinfoil hat crowd to cite one study proving they are harmful to humans
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