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My husband was recently discharged from the hospital following a surgical procedure. I was looking over his discharge papers (after he got home) and realized that he had accidentally been given someone else's discharge papers. ... Read More

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    My wife was discharged from the ER one night. The dialysis center had sent sent her there in a CYA move and we had been in a treatment room for about ten hours and saw her nurse twice, the doctor once. By the time they gave us the d/c paperwork we grabbed it and left. After we were home I was looking through the papers and found prescriptions for BP meds. This made no sense at all since the reason she was sent there was LOW blood pressure. A second look revealed that the prescriptions were for another pt. who was there at the same time. The sheet contained this person's address and phone number.

    I called her and explained the situation. She and her husband came by and picked it up a little while later. She told me she was going to "raise holy hedoubleL" about this. I never heard what happened after that but we did get a letter from the hospital apologizing for the mistake and promising to take corrective action. Not entirely sure why they were apologizing to us but I guess CYA is the byword.
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    I don't see this as someone getting in trouble, but a chance to make sure it doesn't happen again (or at least make people aware that it HAS happened). I'd let them know- not in some punitive way, but as a QA situation (and HIPAA).