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I have a quick question about HIPAA. My sister and I got into a super big fight and I said something about her gastric bypass surgery on Facebook which was supposed to be a secret. Now some of her... Read More

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    You guys are funny.....this post is a year old....
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    Quote from Esme12
    You guys are funny.....this post is a year old....
    Well, some nice person posted yesterday that he/she was fired for HIPPO violation when he/she left a computer without logging out and the son of the patient got on the computer. I got the alert on my email, so decided to throw my considerable knowledge about HIPPO into the ring. I see that post is gone now... the poster wondered if he/she was now a criminal and what to say about the topic when applying of a new job. Of course we didn't really answer his/her question and instead pondered the options for violating a hippo in Texas, so maybe he/she got frustrated and took it down. Stay on topic people and stop violating the hippo.
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    I was the one who posted the comment yesterday about getting fired. Didn't know how to start a new thread but administrator helped. New thread key word, confidentiality. Thanks for support rngreenhorn.
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    Thanks rnnow... see I'm not crazy (thought I might have been for a bit). So, for your situation, I guess I don't have any advice. Cept to say, if you have a union in your previous hospital you should contact them, seems crazy to be fired for an infraction that anyone of us could (and have done). As far as what to tell a perspective employee, less is more--- you are under no obligation to reveil the gory details (let them find out on their own). And for the scumbag son who thinks it's OK to look at any computer, I'd find out where he lives, egg his house, key his car, and feed his dog a can of beans. Might also break into his facebook account and post status updates like "I have a low IQ, webbed toes, a prehensile tail, and a third nipple." Good luck in anycase.
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    It's the humor that gets me thru the night.
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    I know the thread......I was just amused....
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    Thanks nurse ellie for clarifying! The one in the middle is either having triplets or has some serious ascites going on. Either way he looks like he's pretty proud of that belly. HIPPO violation for sure. Where's my taser, he needs to be brought in for trial.
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    Funny, but sad. Really. How can that man be smiling? He's a heart attack waiting to happen.
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    Quote from nurse-ellie
    Ha, that's awesome.
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    Didn't you already post this exact question? If not, there was an identical one not too long ago.
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    No you broke SCUFA, The Sisterhood Confidentiality Universal Facebook Act