Did I violate the confidentiality agreement? - page 2

Hi all - I know that I should never post work related things such as names/bad comments/coworkers on say Facebook, etc. At my LTC we have been having issues with our evening shift- always behind... Read More

  1. by   NurseGuyBri
    Wow. If you're a positive, caring, professional person there should not be any issue with facebook. You didn't violate any patient confidentiality issues, but you may have violated the company policy. Our company policy is that you cannot post anything about the company, period. The closest we can come to is stating our position, type of work, and general interactions- this is how I post on allnurses without issues. I use my experience to hopefully help others on here.
    When it comes to having friends/ family/ work on facebook, why not? You're a professional, right? You wouldn't post anything crazy, right? Talk to your boss and make sure he/she understands what was actually said, and in the future, dont post ANYTHING about work!
  2. by   Inori
    well .. unless your'e charge nurse, director of xyz its not your problem to fix thier issues and how they handle stuff. Now back to your topic FB never ever mention work issues on there, i dont friend coworkers, and there are no friends at work. Even all nurses.com its not safe to discuss work issues and if you msut get opions make sure you triple edit it such that you can't pinpoint that situation as from your job. I regulary go into my FB deleting stuff and no i dont talk about work.
  3. by   angiehope111
    I see nothing wrong with what you did. There is nothing wrong with putting something on your Facebook...freedom of speech. If you have that you work there and then posted something it may possibly be a company policy violation. But I don't see anything wrong with what you did.

    You shouldn't be scared to make comments about work on there. Some people are terrified to even post they had a rough day--I do all the time.

    I also have close friends, most co-workers and all family on my FB. In your case I recommend finding who tattled and delete them but there is nothing wrong with having people on your FB.