Breach of HIPAA to look up one's own medical records at work?? - page 3

Just wondering what the rationale for this rule is- we are not allowed to enter the chart of any patient unless it is for patient care- which of course makes sense. However we were told that this includes our own charts. I can... Read More

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    i was told the same thing. so i have to sign a form to open my own chart?

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    Quote from MDtraumaRN
    i was told the same thing. so i have to sign a form to open my own chart?
    That depends on hospital policy. It is not a HIPAA violation if you don't sign a form, but your facility may require you to complete a form first.
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    Quote from MDtraumaRN
    i was told the same thing. so i have to sign a form to open my own chart?
    The last place I worked that did this was so that they could charge you a fee.
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    I'd be curious to see my own record, but I'd never do it because I've heard of people who were actually fired for doing it. Even though it's not a HIPAA violation (in my opinion) they have made it CLEAR that it's not allowed. So, going and doing something that they have told you plainly is not allowed would make them have certain thoughts about you as an employee.

    Not to mention, we have the capability of adding notes, etc. I guess someone could go in and chart on themselves if they wanted to for whatever reason, or have a co-worker do it. I don't know why anyone would, but I'm sure someone could think of a reason.

    I don't know why I've never actually gone through with getting access to my record. I'm partly afraid that I'll see things I wouldn't like! Ignorance is bliss at this point.
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    I'm not sure if this has been said, because I didn't read all the replies, but:

    You cannot look up your own medical record because the hospital cannot guarantee that the record will remain secure. What if you looked in your record and found something that was inaccurate, or that you didn't agree with, such as: "Patient is non-compliant with diet regimen." Maybe you were given a psychiatric diagnosis you don't agree with. Would you feel like you needed to change that, if you could?

    While you might not, others might want to change their medical record if they could. So by allowing you to look up your own medical record, the record does not remain secure. It's the same reason why when a patient wants to read their chart, a member of the medical records department has to sit with them to make sure that nothing is edited or removed. If you want to see your medical record you have to request a copy, not the original, so that it cannot be changed.

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