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    I just started my pn program and we were told we'll have to take the hesi all three terms; one the first term, two the second, and three the third. (at least I'm pretty sure that's what the teacher said) How exactly do these work? And what would be a good study guide/book to use? I see books for entrance & exit hesi exams, but what should i go for when i have one every few months? This just seemed confusing to me..any further explanation or advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance.

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    In our program only had 3 semesters ( the program was 11 months). We had a hesi fundamentals, med surg, OB, peds, mental health, pharmacology, we had a drug claculation test every semester that you had to pass with a 90%, and a exit hesi that you had to pass in order to complete the program.
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    We have a Hesi exam for each semester for Fundamentals, Pharmacology, Med Surg, Mental Health Peds, etc. So for each class, study your NCLEX-PN book for each subject as well as read your text books they really help
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    Any suggestions for the PN Hesi on Pharmacology. I take it in 2 weeks and I'm freaking out. Please let me know how it was. Thank you
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    Brush up on adverse reactions/nursing consideration....wasnt really that bad at all.

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