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by GodMinistryNurse

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Hi I will be taking my HESI Exit exam for the third time!!! I'm staying in the high 762/750 but I need to make at least an 850 to pass. I have to pass it this time I believe I will but I'm looking for great tips that will... Read More

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    Hi what did you do different to pass and score so high? I take mine on Friday!
    Please email me ryanbletcher@yahoo.com
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    What did you different??? Congratulations!!!
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    How did it go>? What this your second time taking it? how was it
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    I take the exit Hesi on April 10th, 2014. My program requires a 900 or higher and we only get 2 attempts. I have averaged an 850 on each Hesi I have taken throughout the program. However, I'm very nervous about this exit Hesi and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on how to study. I purchased the resources from yourbestgrade.com and have been using it which is helpful, but Iím not sure exactly how I should go about using the resources to study. If anyone could help, I would highly appreciate it! Thanks for taking the time to read this. Best of luck to all!
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    Im going through the same thing!! I took my first Hesi exit today and unfortunately got a 833 and we need a 900 to pass. My lowest score was in maternity so Im going to work on that. I have been using the Saunders comp review book the green hesi book and the cat adaptive testing on evolve.I retake the end of April as well I have always passed my hesi's for psych med surg etc and didn't pass this one on the first try so i was shocked! But we will be successful the 2nd time!!!
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    I take my Exit on May 5. How did you do and how did you study?