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Hello fellow educators....I am dealing with a dilema which I have no control over as I am a staff member, not administration, but it is just eating away at my concious. My community college uses the HESI exit exam for the ADN... Read More

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    our school applies our hesi score as 25% of our final grade! we have subject hesis at the end of each semester for each class and they count as final exam for that class, which is 25% of our final grade in that class!!!!. then our exit hesi is also worth 25% or our final grade for our 8 credit course, role transition... so far we are the only school that does this!!!!

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    So, do first time takers usually take V-1? Or is it randomized according to what the school will give you?
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    V-1 is the first EXIT hesi. Then if you fail that one and your school gives it to you a second time, then I think that one is called V-2.

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    So, do first time takers usually take V-1? Or is it randomized according to what the school will give you?
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    how similar is the NLN to the HESI? Is the material the same? If you prep for one will you be equally prepared for the other?

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    They are NOTHING alike!! NLN is like a ACT test, it has different subjects like reading, math, english, algebra, etc. HESI is like a mini state board I had to take after each semester to progress to the next level. I got the books on each subject, like OB-GYN, medsurg,psych, etc and each had a cd with test q&a and that is how I studied for each HESI. The HESI book alone did not help me even thought other class mates of mine said it really helped them. I hope this information helps. God Bless!!!!
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    Hesi has V-1, V-2, V-3...., etc. Depending on how many times your school allows you to take the exit hesi, the versions go up. If you are taking hesi for the first time, you take V-1 no matter which school you attend. If you didn't pass the first time, then you take V-2 the next time. I do not know about the other versions because my school allows you to take the hesi only 2 times.

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    So, do first time takers usually take V-1? Or is it randomized according to what the school will give you?
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    The HESI exit exam is ludicrous and needs to be done away with! I attend a small community college and ten out of 23 students still cannot sit for our boards because we have failed HESI.. for the third time. At this point, it is not about students studying. We have straight A students who spend loads of time studying who are not passing this thing. Where is the remediation from the school? If almost half of the students cannot pass this test, it speaks volumes for the school.

    After all this headache, I am reconsidering my career choice. I am ready to chalk it up to an expensive mistake. I do not want to be part of a profession that persecutes its own. My school is not worried that its students pass NCLEX for the student's sake; they are only worried about it for the school's accreditation.

    I am tired of dumping my hard earned money into these ridiculous tests that do nothing for me. Only after my third failed attempt am I being given any sort of remediation help. (That costs me money, of course.)

    It is also controversial as to whether HESI is a "predictor" of how students will do on the NCLEX. I am ready to print out information to bring to the president of the college so he stops feeding into the director's blabber about the HESI.

    WHERE IS THE HELP??!! WHERE IS THE SUPPORT?!! If this is what being a nurse entails, count me out!!!
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    Has anyone taken the Pre-NLN? How did they prepare?

    Is anyone enrolled in the RN program at Muhlenberg College at JFK hospital? What is their take on the program and what were their stats/credentials?

    For those recent hires to NYC hospitals, did you need to have a BSN or was an RN enough (just an associates degree). I've heard NJ hospitals prefer those with RN since there is more clinical experience.

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    I understand completely!! My school also had the same rules. Where do you attend school. Are you in NW Louisiana? Anyway, my school required a 900 to pass finals to graduate. What does your school require. I would love to see HESI done away with. Out of the 100 or so students that i went to school with..there were 23 at the pinning. I hope you will NOT give up your dream. Go to another school even if you have to move. God Bless you!!
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    Attention All CCC Students from 2005-2009 who didn't graduate due to HESI:

    CCC is offering amnesty until Dec. 2010, if you didn't graduate due to not passing HESI you will now be given your ADN and allowed to graduate. If you contact the nursing director at your campus before 7/10/2010 you will be allowed to graduate at no cost 8/11/2010 and be signed off so you can take the NCLEX and you can take a review at the schools cost, July 14,15, &16th so hurry and see the nursing director. There will be one more graduation in Dec. but you must RSVP with the nursing director from your campus by 9/1/2010. This is an incredible offer and it is a chance for the CCC schools to right a wrong done to many many nursing students who were wrongfully denied a chance to take NCLEX after completing their nursing program. RUN don't Walk to the nearest Chicago Community College Campus today!!

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