HESI Exit exam, are scores really predictable of passing NCLEX? - page 2

I'm on a roll today! loL! Anyways, My school had us do HESI exams during every semester and then one big exit exam at the end. They say if you score higher than 850 on HESI you have a good chance... Read More

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    My school requires you get over a 900 on HESI to be allowed to take NCLEX. Like you we take HESI every semester and I had an almost 1100 average before the exit HESI. I got close to 1000 on the exit HESI and passed NCLEX on the first try with 75 q's. NCLEX was a lot harder, but the format is similar which I think helps. All my classmates but one has passed their NCLEX so far
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    Currently, the school I attended requires we pass with a 900. Last semester, the requirement was 850. No one failed the NCLEX and my school has an NCLEX first attempt pass rate of 98% for the year of 2013.

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