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Hello, I am new to the forum. Please bear with me. Tomorrow I am taking my Hesi Exit Exam for the LPN program. Do any of you have any suggestions?... Read More

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    i will be graduating next week and now am staring the joy of the hesi down as it is required for me to take the test before my school will authorize me for the nclex. trying right now to build up my 15 posts so i can get my hands on suzannne's tips.

    for me right now, i am not overly worried. i figure that i have gotten through the hard-part. i know what i know and have a strategy for studying that saw me through my program and besides, not that i want to but even if i fail the hesi, i can take it a million times and it has no bearing on my degree.

    i will have graduated anyway and know that when i do pass the hesi that for the most part, i wont have anything to worry about after that. something like 96% of people who pass the hesi go on to pass the nclex.

    i try to do everything with a positive attitude (i think that is what has gotten me this far in life ) and i look at the hesi as an opportunity to really find out what i know and what i need to focus on.

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    The link is no longer working. Darn it!
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    hello guys, i am taking my hesi at the end of the month and i don't know which tools is good to study for my hesi exit, please help.. thanks!
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    It sounds like the hesi exit exam is an "end of the lpn course" test nationwide? What is the Hesi entrance for?
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    In our school the HESI entrance is for the RN program and the exit is for LPN to pass before we take our boards...Taking mine tomorrow!
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    Which one is "harder" the HESI or the TEAS..was told that I will be tested on Math, Reading Comp, Grammar and Vocabulary.... The school I "plan"on attending just recently switched to the  HESI.... is this a good thing? I am SOOO not A test taker.... Study guide here I come!Thanks Folks!
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    Moved to HESI forum

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