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So my school makes us take the HESI at the end of every single semester. If we make a 950 we don't have to take our final. I have yet to take one, ever, except for the entrance one and that one had... Read More

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    In my program, the HESI IS your final exam, and worth 20% of your grade. I've never made below an 88% on them, and I am in my final semester. Elsevier has an NCLEX HESI review book and I have found it to be invaluable, it's usually all I study before finals.

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    My school is awful I regret coming to it so much. We have a hesi for every single class and it is worth 25% of our grade. Every single time it knocks my A down to a B. It's absolutely ridiculous and I HATE the hesi. It is killing my dreams of applying to grad scool since it knows my 3.7 to a 3.0 every time
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    I'm confused. We also have to take the HESI at at the end of each semester, so 4 in all. Is there like a HESI 1, HESI 2, HESI 3, and HESI 4? Or do you just take the same test at the end of each semester (this wouldn't make any sense)? When I look on the forum, there is only the "entrance hesi" and the "exit hesi." I don't think we take the "entrance hesi" since I've already had to take the PAX-RN to get into the program. Furthermore, if there are 4 seperate tests, are there 4 seperate study guides??
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    We have to take the Hesi at the end of our courses and it counts as our final exam. There are different tests for each class you are in. So after fundamentals, your Hesi will be on fundamentals. If you are taking OB, peds, it will be on those subjects. More than likely, you will be taking different exams. And I believe there is an actual HESI study guide that you can purchase. If you are confused about anything, you can always ask your instructor for clarification.
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    Like others have said, the end of semester HESI exams are specialized to the subject. We have one for Concepts (fundamentals), Adult 2, OB, Adult 2, Pedi, and we just had the exit HESI. Our passing grade for the exit was 850. The others the school counted the composition score for grading purposes.

    The only way to study is practice the questions. I like Saunders, because when you're practicing you can look at the 'strategy' for answering that type of question. I use those stradegies when I'm not sure the answer.. and it's worked well for me. Also, ALWAYS read the rationales.
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    We had one after every nursing class we took and all the students hated them! It cost me a few A's but i believe it prepared me for NCLEX.
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    We have one for every clinical course at the end. The first one is only worth 5%, but they generally go up from there with every clinical you take. We also have a midpoint HESI which is your halfway mark. You need a 800 to pass. Finally you have the clinical HESIs all over again as a review followed by an exit HESI. I use the ATI modules and my course notes since they are usually pretty focused.

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