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  1. Hey everyone,
    Is anyone applying to the fall semester nursing program at UNLV? I am taking the HESI A2 test in 20 days and I am very nervous. I have been studying the Elsevier review book and the Mometrix book, but I am not sure that is enough to help me get a good score. Does anyone who has taken the HESI A2 test recently have any ideas for study materials or what to expect on the test ? I was also curious what should we bring for the test?U I've tried calling both the testing center and Elsevier, but neither have been very helpful. Thank you for your help!
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  3. by   Melodies of Legend
    How were your A&P grades? Have you taken the classs recently? Did you finish taking both 224 and 223? There's a very broad spectrum of questions on that topic. A&P questions were more "big picture" oriented. Review your class notes.
    How comfortable are you with metric to English conversations, ratios, and military time? Don't worry give you a calculator.
    Reading was super easy; if you made it this far into my response I wouldn't worry about that section.
    Grammar was a little tricky, but not bad.

    Do practice problems for grammar, math, and review A&P.

    You'll do fine!
  4. by   toya932
    Hi! I'm not sure what state you are in but I am in New York. I took the HESI in march for entrance into a fall program here. I had to take math,reading, anatomy and physiology, and critical thinking(this section was not graded). Based on my experience, the day of the exam, I needed to bring a photo ID( to prove you really are who you say you are), I also needed to bring a money order( my school required a fee inorder to take the exam). Also, if after signing up to take the exam and you were sent a confirmation email, I suggest you print that and bring that with you just in case. In terms of the exam itself, don't stress! I stressed myself out got tired and anxious and didnt do as well as I hoped( I received an 86 overall). The math was very simple! You don't need to be a math person to do good! Basic addition,subtraction,ratios,etc. The reading was easy too! Elementary stuff! Anatomy and physiology was the hard part. Very detailed questions, you either know it or you don't, use process of elimination! I studied the most for A&P, I literally studied my old notes from class. I also used the Kaplan book for nursing school entrance exams. Just refresh on basic math skills, we were allowed to use the computer calculator, so that was a big help. Good luck! Don't stress! I am still waiting on my decision letter. So may luck be in our favor!
  5. by   niupsychawk

    I will be taking the HESI A2 exam for the ADN program at College of Dupage. On their website, they describe the sections of the HESI that applicants will be tested on: "reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and general knowledge, A&P, learning style and personality traits. NO WHERE does it say anything about MATH. I am THRILLED because I HATE math and always do poorly on those sections!! Does anyone know what the "general knowledge" section is? I hope it is not math.... I called COD and the testing center has no idea. I also spoke with a counselor who said it is just general things learned along the way like health care terms, things seen in the newspaper...etc. Seriously?

  6. by   ricyoung
    I have been studying for the HESI at UNLV on saturdays.. I think I will be applying for Spring..
  7. by   ricyoung
    Generally there are two of us that study for the HESI on saturday at the library. From what most people tell me, A&P is what kills most people, the bones generally.
  8. by   honeyrose29
    I took the Hesi A2 on May 30 and I'm applying to my ADN program at Austin Community College on July 1. The Elsevier study guide was the best thing by far that I used to study with. Seriously, it needs to be your go to.

    Just relax. Don't take anything for granted. Study every section that you'll be tested over, then study it again. Learn all of the Vocab in the study guide. Most of them should be familiar anyway. On my test, the A&P was general. I scored very well on that. I struggled most with reading comprehension, and I'm typically a great English student. It was because I took it for granted that I already knew the material, when I really didn't know it like I needed to. Grammar was easy, Math was simple but time consuming. You can't prepare for the Critical Thinking part. There's no way to, because it's pretty much to determine how you think, how you handle situations, etc. For me, it was scored but they say it doesn't count.

    Good luck to you!