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Taking the Hesi Exit a second time

  1. 0 Hello. I'm taking the HESI exit a second time the day before graduation and basically need to get an 850 to graduate. The first time I took it I got a 757. Does anyone have any advice? Have any of you had to take it twice? Do you get the same exam? I'm really nervous....
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    I took the HESI today...got 884 wish it's higher but, it's good enough..I believe it's not that hard--my main problem is that I present my case to the question (DONT argue, ask what IF, or overthink the question,go with your first instinct if you dont know the subject)..

    When I look at the questions that I missed, 80% - I change my original answers...NEVER change your answers unless your 100% sure!!!!

    Read the questions 2x..in my case I wish ENGLISH is my Native language!!!!
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    Thanks for the advice. 884 is great! Good job!
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    I used the NCLEX 4000 CD to practice the questions. Depending on how long you have till you have to take it??? I did 75-150 questions and day and brought my RN Exit (HESI) up from 783 to 1035 in around 90 days or so. Take your time, think ABCs when assessing, LPNs can't teach, assess, use therapeutic communication, handle blood infusions or blood product injections. They CAN take vitals, give meds (NOT monitor insulin drips, heparin drips, pressers, or any other drip/med that requires assessment), perform CPR etc. UAP can go pick up blood from blood bank (I know...surprised me!)....hope that helps?

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks for the advice! Congrats on your score!
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    I am acutally taking the Hesi Exit May 11, the day before graduation. I orgionally took it March 30 and have been doing 100 NCLEX questions a day. We are also doing a Hesi review course on May 8, 9, 10. I am praying for an 850!