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Retaking Hesi A2 Vocabulary,help!!

  1. 0 Hi, all the smart nurses out there, I took my Hesi on 22nd this month. I only studied for less than a week, I did pretty well on all the section, except vocabulary. I remember seeing some very easy words but couldn't easily find the right answer. My problem is I think too much and try to relate all the questions to a medical scenario. But I don't know if that is the right strategy or not. And I studied the review book really well, but I don't know why I still only got 74% which is 1 point away from passing! If you have any other suggestion for me, please help. I am retaking it on 4th of September.
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    Ughh.. Im right there with you on this vocab situation. Did you notice if a lot of the words came from the evolve reach guide? Also on the math portion do you remember if the majority of it was fractions and proportions like everyone else is saying?
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    Most of the words in the book are only a small portion of what is actually on the test. Online research does wonders. Quizlet has a lot of words that are not in the book.
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    I would agree with Tiffanies. I studied out of the HESI 2012 manual, and covered the vocabulary etensively as I was told by the nursing advisor hee in Arizona that it was the hardest part of the test. Even though I knew all of those vocab words backwards and forwards there were others on the test I hadn't seen in the HESI guide, quizlet did close that gap a bit though. My best advice is to know the study book, grind the practice on quizlet, and you should be able to obtain a passing score no problem.

    PJ - The math portion was weighted towads ratio problems HEAVILY. Most of what I saw was converting fractions to deimals and vice-versa, adding subtracting and multiplying fractions, very few word problems (which were quite easy), and percentile type algebra stuff like X is what percent of some number etc. I suck at Math BAD and I studied out of the HESI official book and passed with a 95% after studying lightly for two days maybe an hour each day. It's no problem, both of you can do this now go kill it!!
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    Update: I passed my vocabulary with 90%!!!!I cannot describe how i feel now!!thank you for all the people who have helped!!!
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    Quote from viviancurrent
    Update: I passed my vocabulary with 90%!!!!I cannot describe how i feel now!!thank you for all the people who have helped!!!

    I also need to retake the hesi because i failed vocabulary section Any advices? And how did you study for the vocabulary? Thanks!