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  1. HI everyone! I have my patho hesi next week which is 20% of my grade for the class and I need an 80 to get a B in the class. At my school in Texas we have to take a Hesi at the end of each class as an exit exam.

    Has anyone taken the national patho hesi recently and can you please direct me on how/what to study for it? Our book is almost 2000 pages and I can't possibly study everything so I don't know what to focus on.

    The things that we covered in our class were lab values, acid base balances, CV, GI, RENAL, MUSCULOSKELETAL, NEURO, ENDO, HEMATOLOGY, PULMONARY, CANCER......but I don't know how detailed or general the Hesi will be.

    Any advice from someone who has recently taken this test would be helpful. Thank you!
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    Is there a practice test that you can take, either provided through the purchase of the book or an extra cost on a website? Practice tests can help you identify areas of weakness that you might want to spend extra time on. However, anything in the book is fair game. Asking other students for what was on their test may be problematic- you may not have the same test, and it may result in revealing information that should not be revealed (a la academic dishonesty or copyright infringement).
  4. by   lvn-bsn student
    Oh NO definitely I don't want to cheat or know exactly what is on the test......I was just wondering what I can expect. I'm sure the test is different every year and I hope they don't make it harder this time!

    I have used all the book resources and evolve website and practice tests. I couldn't find any good info on the patho hesi mysterious! All the HESI and NCLEX books I have on paper or online have no patho sections.

    I guess I will just continue to study what we learned in class and do tons of practice questions. Thank you!
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    Sounds like you had dr. ******** how did ur test go I have mine next week I'm n the same boat don't know what to study
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