Just took HESI A2 - page 3

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Just thought I should give back some contribution to the site as I have been searching and questioning a lot on this site. I just took the test as a requirement for UTHSC BSN program. I did not have to take Chemistry, Biology,... Read More

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    Are the conversion in a sentence structure or just fill in the blank?
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    Hello there! I am about to take the Hesi next week and was wondering if you encountered any Roman Numeral questions on the math portion? Also, were there many measurement conversion word problems?
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    Baus0001 - I have heard from friends that you will get a calculator that will be on the test but you can't bring your own calculator.

    Was there a lot of conversions in Math?
    This is my first time taking the test and I'm scared. I don't know how well I will do.
    Do you have any study guides, tips or study suggestions?
    Currently, I'm using the HESI Evolve A2 2nd Edition book to study and I bought McGraw-Hill's Evolve A2 Practice Tests.
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    Were they all multiple choice questions?
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    where they all multiple choice questions?
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    Nope. Sometimes you have to come up with your own answer.
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    There wasn't a lot, but you still need a good knowledge about conversion. Like I already said on previous posts, Evolve Study Guide is perfect method to prepare for math.