Just took Hesi a2 entrance exam today

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    Hey everyone! I am a male phlebotomist about to go for a RN.

    About to attend ITT Breckinridge in South Bend, IN in September,2012.

    The test was pretty easy, but i def put a lot of my time studying for it. I only had to take math, reading, grammar, and vocabulary. I used the official study guide for it and quizlet flash cards.

    - know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions
    - know how to find x in fractions.
    - know conversions (search google for quizlet flash card conversions)
    - know basic adding, subtracting, and ect

    Reading: pretty easy didn't study

    Grammar: just basic stuff from high school

    Vocab: hardest part for me...a lot of words ive never seen but still go over quizlet flash cards for hesi a2 helped me pass that part.
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    Thanks for the advise. I will be taking my Hesi test on Wednesday July 25, 2012.
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    It seems the vocab is the hardest part, according to previous posters, so I will definitely get the quizlet flash cards...thanks for the info!
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    Quizlet is awesome. I take my HESI on 7/31.. so nervous. Thank you very much for the advice
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    Good for you! The entry Hesi is in my opinion pretty easy. Seemed like it was all high school stuff. Someone who graduated recently from my school (ITT Tech St Pete) said she thought that the exit HESI, the very last one, was harder than the NCLEX.
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    I take my HESI A2 test august 9th, and I am sooooo nervous. After receiving a denial letter from USF in Tampa I was devastated I was wondering if they give you a calculator for the math part? its my worst subject
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    Hello. How did you do on your HESI exam? I take my test on 09/04/12.
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    Good luck on you HESI exam. I take mine 09/04/12.
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    I'm taking my HESI on 09/04/12. My weakest subject is math do you recommend any books or study materials?
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    I just took the HESI today and had not studied at all. I wanted to see how I would do with just general knowledge. However, I didn't not do as well as I would like to. Does any one have any tips as to what I can do to study?

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