I need to pass hesi "this" time help!! I need to pass hesi "this" time help!! | allnurses

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I need to pass hesi "this" time help!!

  1. 0 Hi I will be taking my HESI Exit exam for the third time!!! I'm staying in the high 762/750 but I need to make at least an 850 to pass. I have to pass it this time I believe I will but I'm looking for great tips that will guarantee I will pass I'm very open and will follow instructions and looking for some really good advice on passing this exam. I'm trying to work on everything now my timing, doing questions per day because. I have a lot of review books(Saunders, Hogan, HESI NCLEX book, Fundamentals success, Lacharity,etc) and, evolve, my notebooks as well as hesistudy.com. Need to know which direction to go. Really need some advice would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!
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    Those books and sites (there's also YourBestGrade.com) are really the only way to study for HESI. I dunno what else to tell you. =( I wish you luck, though.
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    Thank You!!
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    I, like you had to take my HESI 3 times. I passed on the third. My scores were 647, 753, 858. It was tough but what worked best for me was repeatedly doing questions (saunders is what i used) and reading and studying the rationale. I also read other students Hurst Review books and The HESI book (forgot the brand). You can do it. just stay focused, and stay positive. You are def. on the right track.
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    Thanks great advice NavyPoodle22 I will be using this post as encouragement as well!!
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    Hi NavyPoodle22, did you use the Saunders cd or just questions from the book? I'm going to try to read the HESI book as well.
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    Have you tired using the Evolve Resources for HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN examination, 3rd edition. I heard that was a good resource for taking the HESI exam. Good Luck.
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    When you do the practice Saunders questions in study mode, you can click on the 'strategy' button with each question and it will give you strategic ways to approach the question and tips on how to eliminate wrong answers. I found reading the strategies was as helpful as reading the rationales.
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    I use ATI. It gives instant feedback and rationales and the style of questions and presentation is dead on for HESI. I also use the evolve HESI RN case studies and practice tests. The case studies walk you through a case and still give you rationales. The practice tests don't give you feedback until the end. Lastly I have found the HESI comprehensive review for the NCLEX RN gave a mix of strategy, review, and practice.
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    Please please please go over the Saunders chapter 5 for the STRATEGIES!!!! Read them learn them and memorize them! I had to repeat the Exit as well and had I used those strategies in the first place and not blew them off, I probably wouldn't have had to retake it.
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    Thanks Nikkinism70s Just pulled out my Saunders chp 5 I will do that today!!
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    Thanks Nolli. I'm starting on Practice tests today I was told they are very helpful and similar questions for exit. What is ATI?
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    Yes brenda17 I have used it a little but with so little time (10 days) I'm going to try to read hesi hints in the Hesi book. Thanks!