I need to pass hesi "this" time help!! - page 3

Hi I will be taking my HESI Exit exam for the third time!!! I'm staying in the high 762/750 but I need to make at least an 850 to pass. I have to pass it this time I believe I will but I'm looking... Read More

  1. by   GodMinistryNurse
    I'm so sorry everyone for just now getting back on it can get quite hectic as i'm preparing for NCLEX now I will be taking next week. While i'm preparing for NCLEX the BEST thing I can tell you is number 1. Read your HESI book at least the HINTS the book is about 80% of the test. 2. If you have evolve with your school use the link HESI Practice test under case studies and practice twice Read those Rationales. 3. Saunders cd and Lachairty really really helps especially Lacharity book (prioritization, delegation, assignment) since HESI is a lot of prioritization. Thaths what really helps. Pray pray pray and BELIEVE you can do it have NO doubt!!!!!!
  2. by   JMD14
    Sorry for the late reply! I made a 944 on the Hesi and actually just took the NCLEX-RN on June 20th and passed! I started an RN internship in the ER and I love it but i'm very nervous because there is soooo much to learn in such little time. Hope you guys are doing good! God Bless!