Hi everybody. Happy New Year! I aced my HESI A2!

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    Hi everybody! Happy New Year! I just took my HesiA2 at Broward College Central Campus and I aced it with 91.20%, I got 100% in Anatomy & Physiology!. I am so so so Happy. On monday I will submit my app. for May. Cheers! :-)
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    Hey ibarradas21 what book did you use to pass the hesi. I have the Evolve Assessment book but there isnt much anatomy. Please help. Study guides or anything you can email me would help. shemekial86@yahoo.com. Thanks
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    I'm also turning in my application on Monday! How is your g p a ?
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    Congratulations ibarradas21 that's fantastic news. I just started my pre-reqs and hope to follow in your footsteps. What study guide did you use to prepare for your HESIA2?? Please advise.....You will most definitely get in with a high HESI score and great GPA. I'm considering doing the summer program so I can apply by spring 2013.
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    Congratulations! Are there any tips on studying/preparing for the HESI that you can share? please email me jhvhrohi@student.fdu.edu

    Congratulations again!
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    4.0 so far ☺
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    I used that book too.
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    Wow ibarrades21 what did you do to score so high on A&P how long did you study.

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