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Hesi Exam

  1. 0 Hello. I took my Hesi Exam today. I"m so glad it"s over. Everything was a breeze except the vocab section. The math, grammar, and reading portions are very basic. I studied a month for the vocab. I memorized all the words in the Hesi A2 Evolve 2nd Edition. I even reviewed my medical terminology book. I took a variety of practice test on the quizlet app and only recognized about 10 words out of 55. I know there are serval different Hesi Exams and you never know which version you might get, but from my experience vocab was the most challenging. I even had a question about prosecuting peers or something based on the matter. That was weird. I" m just glad I can focus on something else until I get a ya or no pertaining my admission to my school of choice.

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    I'm taking the HESI tomorrow and I cannot stop worrying!!!
    Mine is in A&P, reading comprehension, critical thinking and math.

    Math is probably my worst subject. Should I be this freaked out?
    How was math?
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    Im also taking the hesi this friday coming up (3/1/13) and im so scared. Math is definetly my weakest point which is the section im most worried about. Im even considering recheduling b/c i dont feel very prepared for the math at all... hey elchavito how did u do on your exam?
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    So how did it go? I'm taking mine this Saturday and I don't feel ready either!! I am more worried about the Anatomy and Physiology section mainly!
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    I took hesi last week and it wasn't bad. My overall score was 96%. English reading was the hardest for me because it's my second language so that I scored only 92.
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    Hey everybody!

    I took the HESI exam three weeks ago. Math: Make sure you study the Admission Assessment study guide ! I did not have any Roman numerals on my exam but many conversions, proportions and decimals (adding, subtracting etc.) -they do let you use the calculator on the computer. That was a lot of help.
    Reading: Just read some short stories & answer questions about it. Simple. Use study guide.
    Grammar: Use study guide to brush up on some things but pretty simple.
    Vocabulary! Is where the study guide did NOT help, they had words on there that I never heard of nor knew the meaning of. I scored low on this section .
    I did pass overall with a great score ! (My school did not have us take the science or A&P section)
    *Hope this helps ! Good luck everyone !

    QUESTION! I received my scores right away after I was done with exam, does anyone know how long it takes for school to get them. It's been 3 weeks & still have not heard anything...