HESI A2 math and A&P!

  1. What is the math section like on the A2 exam? Can anyone give me a basic outline of what it covers and how difficult it was? I've heard that the A&P test is a little far off from the study book a well...did anyone use a different book for A&P?
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  3. by   pcolastudent
    I took the HESI this morning and Math consisted of mostly addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions, unit conversion (volume), and proportions. A few word problems were sprinkled in throughout as well.
  4. by   maddiem
    Ok that doesn't seem too bad at all. Thanks!!
  5. by   longhornfan
    Ya, the math is pretty straightforward, lots of basic math and conversions. The A&P isn't too bad, but that in my opinion requires more studying. i personally used the book by Trivium test prep and i really liked it; i got it b/c it had 200 or so practice questions in it and they were exactly like what's on the test and the answers are explained well, so it was extremely helpful. whatever you decide, I'd be sure to focus some attention on the sciences sections, at least it was important for me.
  6. by   jendee
    Study fractions. Know them inside and out! I'm not a math person, and I did very well on that portion. The study guide gives a very accurate picture of what to expect on the exam for math. For A&P, study your notes from class. It is very random, but studying notes helped me a lot. Good luck!