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  1. Hi all!

    I'll be taking the HESI A2 test at the end of this month and have purchased the HESI A2 study guide from Elsevier (which doesn't seem to cover much) along with a Barron's & McGraw Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exam Study Guides. I'm studying anatomy & physiology from a Cliff's Notes review book (since I heard the Anatomy section was very detailed). I'm feeling really nervous about the test and I'm not sure if I'm studying the right material or am being prepared enough. What should I do to guarantee a high score?

    How much detail do I really need to know? Do I have to memorize all the bones in the skeletal system, for example?
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  3. by   Everline
    there is a hesi entrance exam section, to which i imagine this question will be moved.

    i took the hesi at the end of last month. i used the elsevier study guide for the math portion. i made sure i knew how to do the type of problems that are in that guide and that was sufficient. make sure you know ratios/proportions, percentages and fractions.
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    the a&p section is random. i was just coming off two semesters of a&p when i took it and therefore, it was fresh in my mind. but again, the questions were really random. some very easy, and some harder. in order to score very well on this section, you will need a broad overview and hope that the questions that are on your exam are about things you know. i wish i could help more with that. there were questions where you needed to know the location of something in the body to answer correctly.

    having said that, the test was a lot easier than i thought it would be. i did not study vocab, grammar or reading comp. except for a limited look at vocab words and reading over the study guide the night before. i scored well. but i can't stress enough...make sure you know how to do fraction problems and ratios/proportions. they will be on there.
  4. by   juswannabenurse
    i only studied from quizlet.com the day before because I took the hesi on short notice and I got a 94
  5. by   DuHef89
    What sections does the Hesi exam cover?
  6. by   Lbenoit07
    Math is pretty easy. Know the conversion chart for conversions in the study guide and just know ratios and fractions.

    Reading comprehension is just reading an article and answering questions about it.

    Anatomy was pretty much based on the heart, lungs, and brain. You do not need to know all of the bones.

    Those were the only sections I had to take for my HESI test; I know some people have to take more sections for theirs.