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Hello everyone!!! So I decided to take some time out of my day and share with you how I passed my exam. I do not have my HESI grade report with me because I accidentally closed down the tab after I... Read More

  1. by   Michelle_Pelse
    Thank you for your information. I literally have 10 days to study for it. I am using Edtion 3 will that be ok?
  2. by   orangetoledo
    Quote from Michelle_Pelse
    Thank you for your information. I literally have 10 days to study for it. I am using Edtion 3 will that be ok?
    Hi Michelle, you should be okay as long as you studied but if you're still feeling shaky about certain topics, them maybe go over them or look for practice test questions.

    Do you know which topics you still need practice with?

    Here are some helpful articles for

    Grammar: HESI A2 Tips – Tagged "hesi a2 grammar" – Ready For The HESI

    Reading Comprehension:HESI A2 Tips – Tagged "hesi a2 reading comprehension" – Ready For The HESI

    Math: HESI A2 Tips – Tagged "hesi a2 math" – Ready For The HESI

    Vocabulary: HESI A2 Tips – Tagged "hesi a2 vocabulary" – Ready For The HESI

    Hope that helps and reply back on here if you have any more questions and I will try to give you as much information as possible.
  3. by   vassenn
    Quote from jennifermejia_1
    hesi assessment exam review, 4th edition
    I believe he's talking about Elsevier/Evolve study guide when he refers to HAER.
  4. by   ReMade1
    jennifermejia_1: Just want to thank you for breaking down the Hesi exam. I initially took the TEAS (studied for 5 days) and had a composite score of 82% because I scored 70% on the Grammar section. Nevertheless, I visited that Grammar Bytes section, studied the Vocab quizlet (can't believe how on point that 2 year old post is), and I increased my Grammar score to 94%. I took the Hesi today (studied for 7 days) and my overall Hesi composite score is just shy of 94%. So, much thanks for taking time to share study tips info on this forum!
  5. by   vassenn
    Oh my gosh, great scores. What was your process? I'm studying for it right now.
  6. by   ReMade1
    @ vassenn: I read the tips provided on here (go to the 1st post in this thread & even heed suggestions from other posts). I typed, "Hesi a2 breakdown" in google and found another post that contained study tips. I suffer from major test anxiety and used to run out of time on tests so I even took the test in a specific order. I took Reading first, then A&P (was scared I'd forget info), Grammar, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Vocab. My plan was to take the longer sections first (w/ the exception of A&P) so that I could breeze through questions at the end.
  7. by   ReMade1
    Oh, as previously mentioned in other posts, you must buy the Hesi Pocket Prep app for $14.99. I bought the app on August 30th at 12:38am and took the test at 2pm on August 30th. I swear that I would have scored like a 98 if I used that app for more time.
  8. by   mary onyegasi
    I took HESI on the 18th of August, 2017 and decide I needed to share my own experience. The most important advice i will give is MANAGE TIME WISELY. I almost ran out of time. (MATH, 80 READING COMP 90, VOCAB 90, A&P 76, Grammar 87)
    Let me point out here that I was scared, like many others, when I wanted to write the exam because a lot of people failed it and had to take it many time.
    I am just an averagely smart girl, haven't done my A&P2. I had 76 in A&P, there were so questions from A&P2 (which i didn't know), a few also from "MUSCLE" ( a topic i dnt even understand, lol)...and that's what explains my low score. Math was okay. I had 80. (I am scared of math too), but it was mostly fractions (1/3 +7/8) and ratio... all you need to do is be fast cos there is a calculator but it really eats into your time. I had 87 in Grammar. Learn every single topic on HESI text book because this subject can be tricky. Take reading comprehension first, or at least not when you are tired because the Essays are exhausting to read, some are even long and boring. U will need full concentration for that. Vocab was really easy. Learn with the text and check for HESI VOCAB on Quizlet. I studied with a HESI text book, cant recall the name now, but any recent HESI TEXT would do.
    U too can make it.
    Best Wishes!
  9. by   Jizzy34
    Hi, what did you use to to study for the vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension?
  10. by   orangetoledo
    Hey @Jizzy34 I think I responded but didn't know if it posted. What I wrote was that I used all the study guides from ready for the hesi and practiced and repracticed their test questions. for the grammar, please FOR REAL practice their trouble word some pair and really understand that section. the test questions help, but you actually have to understand how to differentiate from affect vs effect and how to use worse, bad, badly, etc.
  11. by   joflo
    Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows which conversation is correct: 1 tablespoon = 15 ml or 14.78 ml. The hesi conversation chart doesn't specify, and I have come across 14.78 ml on google's conversations, but 15 ml on hesi quizlets. Thank you for your response in advance!
  12. by   Wannabeeinscrubs
    This is a great resource!
  13. by   Besha08
    Curious to know which one is correct