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HESI A2 calculator questions?

  1. 0 Hello all! i am a current medical assistant student at Sanford brown college in Atlanta i am applying for chamberlain college of nursing of course the Atlanta campus and i am scheduled to take the HESI a2 exam in two weeks. my question is about the whole calculator on the test scenario. Now i know that when i took my entrance exam for Sanford brown it was computerized and there was a built in calculator on the computer BUT it was only attainable on certain math questions on the test i just wanted to know is this the same case with the HESI i would believe so because what would be the point of the study guide for learning about fractions long division etc. if there was just going to be a calculator you could freely use. so i guess my question is on the test are there certain parts of the test that you can only use a calculator on and if so which parts are you allowed to use a calculator on and which parts are you not?

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    When I took mine, there was a built-in calculator provided throughout the entire math portion of the test.
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    ^^ that, plus I was given fresh scratch sheet to scratch out anything I needed