HELP! HESI is scary :( - page 2

Hey Ya'll the spring semester is fast approaching and I'm so excited and nervous to try to get into the LPN class... I have to take the dreaded Hesi exam and I'm freaking out a bit, I've been... Read More

  1. by   Kdrenee
    Quote from Hmayse
    Thanks for the insight is there a order to the test taking? IYO which would be best to do first?
    I took math first because that is the one I was most nervous about..
  2. by   domacheeks
    Thanks! I will be a walking dictionary in 60 days! Lol! I'll get it next time thanks!
  3. by   Hmayse
    AAAAHHH I just want to scream!!! my test is in 12.5 hours and I'm trying to keep calm and focused and study, but of course my daughters science fair project is due tomorrow and guess who hasn't even started it Yep, if you guessed my daughter then you'd be correct! she has had since December to plan and get it finished... ugh Kids! if that's not bad enough I took practice test from the back of my study guide, and failed the math, vocab and grammar section... Im starting to second guess if I should even go take this darn thing... Oh well rant over, thank you and have a nice day!
  4. by   Hmayse
    I PASSED!!! I was accepted into the spring PN semester My first class is April 8th I'm so excited =0) I passed with an overall 82.5% !!!!