HELP! Can't pass my A&P portion

  1. I just finished my third attempt and I passed everything but the A&P portion. I have studied the elsevier review book but it seems that I am missing something. The exam had questions that were no where near what I reviewed in the book. Any advice or study methods I can use to pass this test.
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  3. by   TrekChick
    Watch AnatomyGMC on You-Tube.
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    Buy an A&P testbook and study it- cover to cover. Practice questions are no substitute for content.
  5. by   VictoriousNurse
    If you have any more questions let me know also something about aqueous humor where is it found and cerumen where is that found? I recently took mine last week. Know the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. Know the major contour muscles and bones of the body. Know what pulse can be taken behind the knee, by the neck etc major arteries. I remembered some things.
  6. by   orangetoledo
    Hey @Alp12, I know exactly what you're going through. @VictoriousNurse is right about aqueous humor and cerumen. How long ago did you take A&P?
    I failed too and I finally passed using the "Ready for the HESI" online study guides along with the Cliff Notes A&P book. Message me and let me know if you need more advice or anything like that.
  7. by   VictoriousNurse
    Yup! I used Ready for the Hesi as well. I took mine on the 12th. It was mind boggling at how specific yet broad the AP questions were.
  8. by   orangetoledo
    Ugh! So frickin true! But I would focus on the main topics of A&P, and then try to use context clues and your strong foundation of the basics of A&P to guestimate on the super specific A&P questions. I think Elseiver does that to maybe not make it as easy if it was just basic A&P questions.
  9. by   VictoriousNurse
    For the AP it really is the basics. Know the hormones. Know the 3 bones of the ear. Know what organs are found in the different cavities. Know the functions of the parts of the ear eye? What are the the different lobes and what they do. Where is testosterone and estrogen made. Some say questions about ossification as well. But this is an overview of all they asked me on the exam. What is the function of hemaglobin and what carries oxygen to the body. What vessel carries vein from the lung back to heart. It's very basic. The Evolve book gives you a summary but it's basically everything you need to know. You just need to go in depth a little bit more while you use it to study. You'll do fine just learn the basics of AP and you'll do fine.
  10. by   VictoriousNurse
    That's what I did too. Process of elimination. I crossed out the two that I was so sure wasn't the answer and focused on the other two. Like the tibialis anterior. I know that it doesn't belong to the arm or hand or thigh (femur) so it's between the foot or lower leg. Also know dorsiflexon and abduction and addiction. It's not as hard as it seems. It's truly just testing your ability to see how you can test.