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Failed the first exit hesi

  1. 0 My class took their exit hesi last week and I scored an 800. I was very disappointed. I keep doing practice questions and feel myself getting really discouraged. I had to take a 3 month break to have a baby and I feel like I lost some of the important information I once knew. If anybody
    has any suggestions for my second attempt that is next week it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
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    I also didn't pass the first try, I had 823 and needed 900.
    I used hesistudy and used the remediation info on evolve.
    Good luck!
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    We had ours Nov. 2nd and I also failed. Made 819, needing at least 900. The school supplied us with case studies to keep us in the mode of answering questions. Also, using the NCLEX 4000 software to answer questions. Also I have found using the Saunders book is better than the Hesi review book but that's my personal opinion. I retake this friday (dec 7) and say to myself "I know I am going to pass!" Good luck to you, now that you know how the Hesi exit is formed and what to expect, you're going to rock it the next time you take it.
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    That is why they allow multiple attempts. Don't stress, it'll be fine. But I would recommend studying hard before the NCLEX.