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I'm not asking for medical advice! I've already seen my Dr. I've gained some weight since having my kids (about 20 pounds I need to lose) and am currently slowly losing it by watching what I eat... Read More

  1. by   Princess74
    Keep in mind how much sodium you are taking in, drink penty of water and exercise. I found that swimming laps is the best way for me to keep my BP under control.
  2. by   caliotter3
    The info given in this thread is very helpful and goes beyond what I've ever been told by my doctor. I intend to put some of it into practice on myself. Thanks to everyone who posted.
  3. by   llg
    Quote from Roy Fokker
    I don't know what my BP is now. Some of my friends in nsg. school told me that BP was high from stress of school.... well, to me it just means that my heart wasn't in good condition to deal with stress! BP shouldn't be consistently elevated, right?

    Anyways, that was my motivation for losing some weight and getting more exercise - I shouldn't be having BP problems at my age! :imbar :imbar
    I agree with your reasoning. If your circulatory can't handle the stress of school, then you need to be doing something about that.

    However, it concerns me that you "don't know what your BP is now." You have had several readings that were above normal. You should be discussing this with your PCP and getting assessed by a professional. Too many people walk around with mild hypertension for too long, damaging their systems and shortening their lives. BP's should be below 120/80 -- and if yours is above, you should be doing something about it -- before your BP does something bad to you.

    As far as not wanting to take meds goes. If your BP is elevated, then TAKE THE MEDS if you need them. They may prolong your life and/or prevent a stroke that could cause significant disability.

    By all means, make the recommended lifestyle changes. They will minimize your need for meds and may eliminate the need for meds altogether. But you may need to take those meds for a while until the lifestyle changes have a chance to work. In the meantime, don't cause unnecessary damage to your system by not treating your symptoms! You can always discontinue the meds when they are no longer needed.
  4. by   MB37
    You sound like you're doing a lot right already. I have HTN as well, am 28 and in good shape, and eat a healthy,low-sodium, high potassium diet. Both my parents are thin and they both have it as well. I do smoke, although I just got on Chantix to quit. Right now I take two meds for my BP - HCTZ and Norvasc. I'm hopeful that once the quitting smoking is successful I might be able to drop one of them, but for now I stay on them under the advice of my NP. One thing you may want to look into is the DASH diet. Google it, the whole thing's online. It's been shown to reduce BP naturally in most people through pure dietary modifications.