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Hi Everyone! Just got back on again to this wonderful website. I've moved around and have found myself working in a new environment. Anywho, this forum struck me because as we all know, all people go through stress a lot of... Read More

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    Pumping iron with the boys at the gym. That is my stress reliever. It feels good to walk into the weight room, gloves on, ear buds in, claim a bench, grab a weight off of the rack, and complete reps.

    After a few minutes of torture combined with a pool of sweat, I am feeling aight.
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    I used to run. But, after a few years of drinking too much beer and pizza eating I got up to 220 lbs (I'm 6'0"). It sucked. My back started to hurt when I ran because of the fatness.

    So, I quit running and got down on myself - all the while remaining pretty fat.

    About a month back I took the plunge and started walking two miles every morning at a brisk pace. I'm down to about 202 lbs now and feeling a lot better. Before the years out I'll be running again like I used to and my back won't hurt.
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    Going to the source of the stress and yanking her hair out of her head.

    Oops, just kidding, wrong website, this isn't the one where I go to vent about witchy little girls who will do just about anything to trap my 20-year-old son into marrying them.

    Anyway.........I'm still searching for the perfect stress reliever, although the Internet has filled the gaps left by giving up drinking and smoking. Well, what else is there?? I can't (and won't) take pills, I've got too many joint problems to do much exercise (even if I WANTED to), gardening only works for about 3 months out of the year, and my diabetes has pretty much precluded using junk food as a pacifier.

    I do pray. That helps a lot. I also listen to music and write. Those help too although I obviously can't do them at work, which is where the lion's share of my stress lives. Mostly, I simply remind myself that "this, too, shall pass".
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    ummmmm has anyone said sex yet? 0
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    Trail riding on my horse, gardening, and my favorite is freq trips to Maui : )
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