Warning Nurses! Holding It All In Can Kill You! - page 3

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Have you ever wondered what the stress of nursing is doing to you? We know that stress causes cortisol levels to rise which raise our blood pressure, raise our blood sugar levels, increase our lipids, etc. Blah, Blah, Blah. The... Read More

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    I feel better already. thanks
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    This is a GREAT article. I really appreciate your writing it. I'm going to share it with a lot of nruses who are stressed that trhey want to QUIT... and it would be a shame.
    Wendy Leebov
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    Thank you for this article. I also want to respoind to 5yearsdissapointed and unforgetable2667. I am recently unemployed from a job I was in love with, thinking I was doing a great job. Nasty coworkers and HR that , well what ever they do can really play havic with you work skills, self esteem, and lives. Mix this with lay offs and having extra work added to your already filled plate can be a deadly combination. This is where I am at now, unemployed, depressed, no hope, and ready to give up. I have isolated myself, and at times I feel there is no way out. I do go to therapy, it helps. I too spoke to coworkers , only to have it totally taken out of context and repeated to the wrong people. I am going to try your suggestions.
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    Oh how I love your posts, shows reality and such. I talk to my husband about my job and althoug he's so lovely and understands does he?
    Nurses find a hobby you have to. Mind is swimming 3-4 miles a weeks a mile for me is 40 minutes. I think about my nursing stuff and let it go with nursing.
    learn to meditate.
    Read, do anything to take your mind off nursing
    And as for the cortisol have you noticed that a lot of nurses especially more experienced are overweight. That's the case with me, but I swim, do yoga, walk, and do the eliptical. I have to it's the only way to get rid of my stress. EG swimming for me is meditation and while I swim I let go of my concerns.
    Also don't take your work to home. Leave your work at the door. Seriously you have to do this to relax and destress and not worry all the time/
    Thumbs up on your post
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    Dear fellow nurses,
    Your family may listen and try to understand your day, but only another nurse will be able to really understand what you go through during a shift. Find another nurse, one that does not work where you work.................Then you can let go and know someone understands. It really does help! Also, laugh every chance you get and find joy in the simple things in life. I know this from experiance. I thought I had my stress under control and then one day I woke up and my hair was falling out. Learn to say no and treat yourself just like you would treat a good friend. Thanks for listening.
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    NJ just passed a law that a patient who assaults a nurse will be charged the in same way as a person who assaults a cop. It is aggravated assault, even if it was a slap. Every nurse I know has been assaulted by a patient at one time or another. Kudos to NJ for standing up for their nurses. The nursing profession has been abusive emotionally as much as physically for my entire duration in the field. I am now an unemployed nurse not seeking work in this field. I am taking a hiaitus after 10 yrs of total hell. I fear it will never change, but would rather work somewhere less stressful for less money. There have been jobs where no amount of money would keep me there. My house is a mess, my appearance is tired, shabby and distressed. Relationships with family have sufferred. I have become a recluse. I eat cupcakes to cheer up. I smoke. I am determined to turn this around, and I am hoping that I wont return to healthcare. I may have to for financial reasons, but I am going to do anything I can to minimize my time spent in nursing.
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    I, too, am fairly a-social during my time off. I feel like Liddle Noodnik said, I have to spend 12 hours a day focused on everybody elses needs, anticipating, observing; it wears me out and it doesn't. I mean, it's exhilirating when you're really cooking, but it's frustrating when it gets all gummed-up. So, when I'm off, I want to just focus on me. Except I don't do it in a healthy way, I guess, because I don't do the stuff I enjoy, like writing, drawing, cartooning. I bought a keyboard four of five years ago. It collects dust. I have paints and art-supplies still in their original box, the seal still intact. Instead, I sigh, and tackle the dishes, laundry, the shopping (not the 'fun' kind). I stay up late reading or watching old movies, which I love. It's MY quiet-time, but it cuts into my sleep in a very seriously bad way. I am currently attempting to get a more regular handle on my life...schedule in time for the things I want and need to do: walk, and do the me-things mentioned above. These allnurse blogs and entries are about as sociable as I've been in a long time. It just seems sometimes that all other folks are just very draining to be around, so isolating is a problem. I know tension is a problem; I have to keep reminding myself to sit UP and release the tension in my stomach and chest. It is so odd to me that the bodily tension is so pervasive and routine that I have to REMIND myself to notice it, and relax! I have done stretching and yoga in the past; when I restart the practice, it lasts about four days, then I go off-track. I actually don't even want to post this, either, but I can't figure out how to delete it (pooey-pooey-RATS!) Well, so, anyway, the good thing is I AM eating in a very healthy way! Can't do EVERYTHING all at once, and it is a major change that I am sticking with and I actually LIKE it. OK, then, rickety-rack, rickety-rack, RAH-RAH ME! Over and out.....