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Hello, I am looking for reviews on specific sleeping masks. I am going to start working the night shift at the end of January and I need complete darkness or I don't really sleep. My living... Read More

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    Industrial headphones sometimes with foam earplugs. And a new age eye pillow --it feels like a satin sock filled with rice...

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    So, here's what I did. I got an ap for my iPad that is pretty loud, called Relax Melodies, you can make it sound like rain or a floor fan or combo of noises; it's been working pretty well. For the bright issue, I use pants hangers and clamp the ends of a blanket and hang those onto the window frame, they go up when I sleep and I take them down when I'm not sleeping. It looks kind of ugly, but it keeps the light out and it doesn't cause any permanent damage.
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    When I am on nights (my shifts rotate ), I use a sleep mask that I got from Kohl's. It is very soft, has an elastic band with velcro for a good fit. As for ear plugs I have found that the silicone ones work best. I got my ear plugs at the local WalMart for a couple dollars .. they mold to your inner ear, don't go into the ear canal and yes I can hear my alarm as long as it is next to me on the night stand and the volume turned up. Oh, neat trick if your alarm is your cell phone - put it in a 'glass' on the stand, somehow the glass magnifies the sound. Hope this helps.

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