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Poor aching backs and feet!

  1. 0 Surprisingly I couldn't find a topic on this. I've just about always had a bad back, ever since I was obese as a teenager for about a year. It caused my spine to grow a little out of place during a growth spurt.

    Now I am about to take a job in a cardiac cath lab which means wearing lead aprons! I am SURE I am going to experience a sore back. I am thinking of investing in a "ball" to stretch my back out when I get home, and also this cylinder thing that you can roll your back over. Any one else have ideas?

    Also, I have sore feet when on my feet for more than a few hours. I have great shoes with an insert made for diabetics but actually is good to soothe feet. Still get sore feet. Anyone have tips on that besides soaking after shifts?

    Thank you to anyone who can assist with my whinging.
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    Try a back brace while working and stretching after work. I use a foam roller after working out. My hubby uses tennis balls for his feet and to work out knots on his back. We also have a foot massager that rolls around; it works for achy feet and plantar fasciitis.
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    thank you - great ideas!
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    I love my heating pad. It soothes my back.
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    I'm intrigued by those inversion "Teeter" chairs/stretchers. Some years ago, a chiropractor used very minimal inversion with me. Boy, did I love the stretch!

    OOPS! Am realizing that this post is some months old.

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