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SO I have been working nights for roughly 3 years now and it is starting to get to me. I have begun feeling depressed I don't want to do anything and to top it off I am making my fiance suffer for how I feel. She is on days and... Read More

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    Quote from fellatamas182
    If I sleep then I will never see my Fiance, and honestly I've gotten to the point where on nights I'm not too worried about patient safety, I did a day shift and covered for someone last week, felt amazing. I came home happy, I was amazing with my patients that day I did everything I could for them. I am now to the point where I am thinking of using FMLA as to not have to come to work some days of the week. It would really screw over my floor a bit but I feel like I am getting screwed over since 3 years seniority no longer matters. Thanks for all the suggestions though.
    I know you love your fiancée but you should really be getting sleep. Try to coordinate your days off so you don't have to keep doing it to yourself.

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    Quote from marycarney
    You're 'not too worried about patient safety'?????
    Um, yeah......I hope this statement means something different than what it seems to mean on the surface.

    Although to be totally honest, I remember reaching a point when I was working 12-hour nights and by 0400, I found myself wishing all the patients were dead so I could go home and sleep! That's when I knew it was time to change shifts.....I was terrified that I might make a horrendous mistake and kill somebody in the midst of a foggy (brained) night.

    Fortunately, with the help of management I was able to cobble together an eight-hour day/evening shift (11A-7P) that was both the best, and worst, of all possible worlds. I didn't have to work weekends, and I got to do a LOT of floating which kept me cross-trained to all areas of the hospital; the downside to it was that I did all of the admission and post-op assessments for med/surg, then I'd have to turn the patients over to other nurses at 1500 and be assigned to a whole new team for the last four hours of my shift.

    THAT was horrible. I'd just get used to my admits and fresh post-ops, and then I had to take 5-6 brand-new patients I knew nothing about and do 8 hours' worth of work in only four.

    But, I never went back to nights, although I did fill in very occasionally on a NOC shift when absolutely no one else would do it. Trouble was, a single graveyard shift threw me off for at least two full days afterwards and tended to make me ever-so-slightly manic, so both my doctor and my family forbade it for mental-health reasons and I haven't worked a night shift in almost three years.

    I hope the OP finds the right solution to her/his problem; you've got to know things aren't going well when someone makes a careless statement such as "I'm really not too worried about patient safety".
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    I don't like to take pills either. However, I feel the patients have the right to expect a "well rested" night shift nurse. I take Benadryl 25mg and Motrin 600mg when I go to bed after working all night.
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    I have faced this situation for a long time, I get used to this. When i start doing work at night it's quite difficult my social life and health all these things a normal person have been just ruined but after sometime my life is just my work nothing else, I just cut off to the outside world which is not a good thing. Anyway working at night when everyone is taking rest at there bed and you are working it's really depressing thing. Some nurse in here in aged home works at night and i really feel pity for them.

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