Night Shift and My Muffin Top

  1. Hi everyone! I currently work night shift which I love. However it is taking a real toll on my weight. I've gained weight since working this shift and it's been so difficult to take it off.

    Here is my eating pattern: My shift ends at 8:00am. I come home after running a few early morning errands and I eat a big meal. A big meal because the shift can be so stressful and eating a nice meal afterwards is my way of treating myself. I watch a bit of TV and then I go to sleep. I know, bad, but I'm so tired from the shift that I don't want to do anything else. I wake up about 6 to 8 hours later. I know this is the best time to eat, but I'm just not hungry at all.

    I would like to hear from other night shifters who have been successful at losing weight while working night shift or have maintained a healthy weight. What is the best eating schedule, exercise regimen/schedule, when's the best time to exercise, best time to eat, etc? Any other advice or tips I may have missed?
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  3. by   NewbieNeedsHelp
    Don't eat a "big meal" at 8am, eat less when you are immediately going to sleep afterwards. I eat an egg sandwich and its not the healthiest thing. But it helps me sleep... I love egg sammiches I'm not giving then up.

    And lastly, go to the gym. If you don't exercise you won't lose weight so start there and see what happens. You have to exercise. Work doesn't count.
  4. by   NewbieNeedsHelp
    Forgot to mention: I think going to the gym after you wake up is best. I wake up around 3ish and exercise for like an hour or 2. Just do what's comfortable for you and build up to more.
  5. by   Becca608
    I eat my 'big meal' when I first get up before going on shift and take a couple of lean cuisines to get me through the shift. My meal before I go to bed is very light. I used to race through my shift and forget to eat so that when I got home, I was starving. That did nothing but pack on weight and gain me an ulcer.
  6. by   NewbieNeedsHelp
    Maybe substitute the lean cuisines for multiple low fat snacks like raw green beans, snap peas, nuts, dried fruits (in moderation, too much sugar)... The lean cuisines are full of sodium and processed foods. It's just not as healthy a choice as you could make
  7. by   kguill975
    I eat my biggest meal before my shift. For the shift, I bring stuff like yogurt, edamame, boiled eggs, and string cheese so I can keep my energy up without all the carbs. When I get off, I go workout on the way home. By the time I get home, I can hardly keep my eyes open, which is a good thing.
  8. by   anotherone
    Do you eat alot at other times? i try to eat light before work, eat once at work then not eat or eat light (less than 300 cals) when i get home. example;5pm turkey and cheese sandwhich or waffles with syrup,maybe peanut butter sandwhich with a banana or berries. 1-4 am, if i can get a break!, a salad or sandwhich from work's cafeteria and sometimes chips. 830am nothing or some toast , or a waffle. on days off i eat a lot more fruits and vegetables , sometimes. on nights off i go to the gym and do at least 1hr cardio . the exercise makes a huge difference for me. and i usually do not want to go, especially after 4 twelves in a row! and might eat just one meal. this is just what i do and have lost weight or maintained it. i dont think it is healthy or advise it, but that is what i do. sometimes i am too tired to eat so i dont. the priority becomes sleep. othertimes i eat alot ; ice cream, cookies, chips so i dont buy them