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I see a lot of people starting threads about how much they hate their jobs. In fact, I think I see a lot more people on here complaining about their careers than being thankful that they have a job... Read More

  1. by   Cattnipp
    I was relieved to read your comment, NurseFrustrated. I am also very frustrated. On one hand I don't want to over-burden my PCA/CNA but on the other hand, I don't have enough hands or time to do their job and mine. As a new nurse, this is beyond discouraging. I am beginning to think I chose the wrong profession! I hope I can get over the hurdles in front of me but feel like the only thing that can be sacrificed is individual patient care.
  2. by   txnurse4thewin
    Quote from bradons
    If I could just work with the patients and never see management I would be VERY happy. Its kinda funny considering on the weekend and holidays everything runs really smooth. But during the week days its a mess. And the only difference is that management is there.

    On the weekend we can actually be nurses. Be with the patients and families. Dealing with care issues and trying new things. During the week it seems like all that we do is give management updates on pt conditions that they would read if they pulled th chart out.
  3. by   sistasoul
    I can count on 2 hands the number of uninterupted meal breaks I have had away from the floor in 4 years. Still have to punch out though. I am done with bedside nursing as soon as I find a way to get away from it. The worst thing is that Itruly enjoy the hands on care of patients. It is all the other bull that goes along with being an RN that makes the job miserable.
    To all who said the nurse is responsible for every thing I could not agree with that more. Even down to getting dinged for the nursing assistants not documenting the meal supplement. Too much micromanaging on the charting.
  4. by   Cattnipp
    The hands-on care is what puts me so behind! while other nurses and techs are willing to ignore pleas to go to the rest room or put the tray closer, etc., I am very attentive to my patients. They ALL say I am the best nurse they ever had and are very grateful and appreciative. Several have actually cried with thanks for my care. They have no idea I must stay an extra hour or more to complete my charting! I always hear that the patient never saw their nurse except to pass meds or do an assessment. This should not be OK! I suppose as I progress in my nursing career, it may become easier for me to be detached and hardened. I never thought I'd hear myself wishing that I wasn't so compassionate and caring. Thank you ALL for your feedback.