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i get it!

  1. 0 after stressing my life away in college, not getting into PA school, beating myself up over it, reformulating a psycho plan to do a FNP/PMHNP/ACNP right after getting my RN... gasp. ... i got it just now. I can take it slow! I can work, do my MSN(not rushed!) and find what I like. If I feel I need a post masters, I can go back! I can even do my MSN waaay part time and enjoy being an RN for a bit. what a thought! What do I do to myself... just wanted to share. back to being an insomniac. goodnight!

    and btw... i am going to save so much money doing a ADN over the multiple limbs i was going to have to cut off for PA school...
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    Ha! It took me forever to come to terms with taking it "slow" aka at a reasonable speed. Good to hear that you finally were able to slow down and enjoy everything that you have and are going to accomplish.
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    So, Ben. How 'bout an update???
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    been a minute since I've logged onto allnurses, man did nursing school fly by! Last day is in 17 days!