Has anyone else noticed change in body after shift?

  1. I eat healthy and wear compression stocking everyday to work. I am on my feet 90% of the time, not just standing but walking fast, but once I get home I look heavier around my middle, my legs look denser. I look worse than if I sat on couch and ate chips or pasta all day.

    Is anyone experiencing this or know what it is? I know some of my colleagues reported pitting LE edema after being on feet all day, but for me I feel like my whole body looks different bc of temporary physiological changes r/t stress. Does this sound crazy?
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  3. by   Nola009
    I haven't noticed any of that, but I do wear TED hose in attempt to combat lower extremity swelling and promote circulation when I'm on my feet all day
  4. by   Valhalla_RN
    I definitely notice a difference, specifically post 12-hour day shift (0700-1900). Even with stockings, my legs feel heavier (stockings only got rid of the achy feeling), my middle more distended, and I am absolutely dehydrated. I never drink enough water at work, as our staff washroom is a fair trek away from the unit. Plus there is only one toilet for everyone, so when you finally do make the trek over, you are usually waiting in line!

    Ironically, I never feel this way after a night shift. Perhaps this is why my body prefers nights.
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    Doesn't sound crazy at all. I notice things like that after I've worked a particularly long shift, and of course my legs look like sausages stuffed into casings that are a size too small. I drink a lot of water but hardly ever pee, so obviously I'm carrying some water weight around after running around all day. LOL.