does nursing count as exercise!?

  1. as nurses and nursing students. we are always in motion. constant motion. hardly eating and barely sitting down. i ask this question because i was thinking of joining a gym. but why should i pay a membership fee when im clearly exercising all day at work. 8 hrs sometimes 16 h/d. i wear my pedometer and get a minimun of 2000 steps. what do u think
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  3. by   paulschwinn
    you know... you make a very good point... this is probably why nurses aren't so eager to hit the gym after a shift. maybe a good stretch, like yoga, may be more beneficial for nurses than the usual gym routine. instead of a gym membership, a membership to a spa or salon with yoga classes would probably be more beneficial. something calm, relaxing, a way to de-stress and decompress. perhaps, something with a sauna? i'd love to hear other nurses thoughts on this subject
  4. by   sauconyrunner
    It really does not count as a workout. Unless you are really stressed or doing CPR for 30 mins straight, you probably aren't getting your heart rate up to any level. If your HR is jumping when you walk down the hall..then you do need some more exercise! If we were truly working out, for 8 hours we would not have overweight nurses. I burn about 600 calories an hour for typical workout...we would need 7000 + calories a day just to maintain our weight. I'm not sure where I could find the time to consume 7000 calories in a work day!!!! or at home, come to think of it.

    For nurses working 3 12's there is no need to even hit the gym on workdays. I rarely did if I worked a 12 hour day, but yes, on those 4 other could count on me to hit that gym hard.

    Regular exercise has many benefits. I like it because I meet people (through races and classes) who I do not work with...make great friends...

    2000 steps on a pedometer (and I am assuming they are taken with stops in between) is not even NEAR the minimum recommended 10,000. Check out this site for some more info.
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  5. by   futurenurseOB
    Thanks for your OPINION but on MY floor. I'm constantly moving. Running around. I agree with the above poster. Yoga or something calming. I'm in very good shape. The overweight nurses, I have nothing 2 do with its on them. But to ME I think its exercise and I will not be going to the gym if I work that day
  6. by   sauconyrunner
    Well, you asked what we thought. So I told you and of course it's my opinion. It's no skin off my nose if you want to call anything exercise at all. I do not think it counts as a workout
    if you want to call it a workout, go right ahead! But like I said, the evidence of it not being a good workout is all around you in your colleagues.

    And based on what you say (I will not be going to the gym if I work that day), it would seem that we agree.

    "For nurses working 3 12's there is no need to even hit the gym on workdays. I rarely did if I worked a 12 hour day, but yes, on those 4 other days..."

    Here are some other opinions.

    Does Lots of Walking at Work Count as Cardio Exercise? - Yahoo! Voices - (though I will freely admit, that YAHOO is not exactly a scientific source.)

    You have every right to call whatever you want exercise and make choices based on this. As for me, I'll continue to work out at home and at the gym, where I can reliably get a great strength and cardio workout.
  7. by   turnforthenurse
    I consider nursing a workout. Some shifts are more like a marathon run!
  8. by   futurenurseOB
    Yes definetly. My workplace is nonstop. Too much to even think of a workout
  9. by   jjones435
    It's good we are always on our feet, but think of the stress and the weight that can put on....