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I am a new RN who has been looking for a job for a long time. I have had a dead spell where I got no interviews, but now am getting several calls for interviews. While interviews themselves are stressful (as everyone knows!), my... Read More

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    All of these are non narcotic so should not be a problem. Even prescribed narcotics are accepted as long as you do not use them at work. Just be truthful on the health form when you are hired and have to go to employee health and make sure all scripts are current. I think wit in 6 months. Also I wouldn't tell anyone of your history as this can be used against you. Also don't take any narcotics at work. This is against all states nurse practice acts and can land you in a monitored assistance program. Just a warning even if you see others in you career taking prescribed narcs don't think it's ok and an all around accepted practice.

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    Your friend was mislead or the person who told him this was misinformed. NP absolutely can have prescription authority if they take medications that are considered controlled. People, please, do not just take someone's word for things that effect your job or potential job. Look it up, call the board in your state, the DEA, etc. directly. SO much misinformation gets thrown around..even on here. Nurses CAN work on medications and I agree w/other posters on here. Do not volunteer any information unless there is something, like Adderall, that would show up in a urine/blood drug screen. And no, this will NOT keep someone from getting a job.
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    Well ya'll, I got a great full time job at a location which allows me to relocate and be near my fiance who currently lives in another city. I listed my meds and answered questions honestly. I am so fortunate to be employed! Thank everyone for their input! I made a mountain out of what turned out to be a little ol' molehill.
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    Quote from apocatastasis
    This is entirely ridiculous.

    1. Getting into and graduating from an NP program has nothing to do with getting a DEA number. They have no way of knowing your eligibility for a DEA number.

    2. People with DEA numbers receive prescriptions for controlled substances all. the. time. The DEA has no say over the medical care of registrants who possess prescribed controlled substances for legitimate medical purposes.
    Hey, go ahead and shoot the messenger if it makes you feel better, I can only relay what was told to me. If this were an issue I were facing, I would certainly do my own research.

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