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I'd like some feedback from my fellow Nurses on this topic. Sociology question/debate.This IS NOT, I repeat NOT in any way shape or form a flame against ppl who have depression issues, so please... Read More

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    I believe people can be disabled by the kind of depression that is a response to terrible things happening, just as much as they can be disabled by chemical-imbalance-in-the-brain depression. If we see those two on a continuum from situational to chemical, there's a spot where they probably overlap, and it's difficult to see exactly where that spot is. I also believe situational depression can trigger chemical depression. Sometimes medications can help situational depression when it's unclear if it's all situational or not.

    Depression is what the person says it is. It's not helpful to say someone with situational depression is suffering less than someone with chemical depression. It's still suffering. Both types can range from just-a-little to GOOD-GRIEF!!!

    Some people respond to stress differently than others too. Some fall apart, some become hard, and some work to change the stress. We're all just different in personality. It's good to have coping skills and to develop the ones we have as well as to learn new ones. Until we have them, though, sometimes we suffer immensely...

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    I guess I find this question very interesting because I've been dx'd as clinically depressed (and anxious and anorexic and eventually borderline) since I was 12 or 13. And I was, like, actually clinically depressed spent-most-of-my-teenaged-years-in-psych-hospitals crazah.

    I am currently very unhappy with many of my life choices. Marriage. Job. etc.

    I personally think that divorcing the two sources of my depression has been the hardest thing that I've ever done. But it is possible.
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    Totally don't understand it, when so many people, especially women need so many lets say medication to help them cope with "LIFE" .... don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about those who actually have a psychological or physical imbalance/condition!!..There are too many volunteering positions or even causes that need human hands to participate or lend a hand to speak....I don't get it....give me a break....if they would just stop focusing on themselves, they would get out of this rut....exercise as simple as walking is excellent too, and you can't wait for the desire for these feelings to occur, you have to push yourself outside to the local high school track or your neighborhood or even the sidewalk in your own just requires pushing yourself.....lets say its a start....
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    Well, if you do try meds for depression and you don't notice any change... one thing I'd say, if they help just a tiny bit, maybe just enough to get you up another rung of that ladder you are climbing to get out of the "pit of hell", go for it.

    I think it takes a lot of things to get out of a depression, and if meds help great. Some people make to much a big deal of it all. It's just a pill. There I said it. You can do a lot worse to "harm" yourself IMHO. Relax, see if it works.
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    I think that going through life can cause people to lose perception. My "aha" moment was a couple months after my mom died about 12 years ago (my dad and biggest hero died when I was 16, so death wasn't a stranger to me), i had quit my job and found no happiness at any turn. My husband would come home everyday to find me asleep in the closet after I had cried myself to sleep. He sent me to the doctor, I came home with meds and days became blurs. I woke up one day, six months into the medication haze and decided I would rather experience highs and lows than experience nothing at all. Ever since, I have made myself goals to accomplish. When one goal is met, I make another one, or two. Was this clinical depression? or situational depression? Personally I don't care what you call it, I call it "I need to stay busy to stay happy". A pill couldn't give me the goal driven happiness i feel right now. Let me say that I am a new graduate, so overwhelmed I may feel in the next couple of weeks but nonetheless I am penciling out my next set of goals (first of which is to find me an excellent mentor in the hospital I just became employed with).

    Life isn't fair, isn't perfect, and the sun doesn't shine every day, we need the rain to grow. That being said, I think if you are truly depressed, you don't even feel like complaining, cause really what good does it do, is anything or anyone going to change? Those are the ones I fear are really suffering. If you have the energy to complain, then try using that energy to change.

    Don't flame me, it is just my opinion, take it for what it is.
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    I kinda think some of the stigma r/t mental illnesses has faded & people are more open & willing to talk about their problems. Choices for antidepressants have improved & with less side effects. This is an interesting thread, thanks for posting.
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    Quote from netglow
    I think it takes a lot of things to get out of a depression, and if meds help great. Some people make to much a big deal of it all. It's just a pill. There I said it. You can do a lot worse to "harm" yourself IMHO. Relax, see if it works.
    i have to tell you netglow, i disagree with you.
    let me say that i have absolutely no problems with one taking meds, if the situation warrants it, and you are being monitored by a competent professional.
    but speaking from personal experience and a knowledge base, those seemingly innocuous pills, carry plenty of power and punch.
    most, if not all, antidepressants carry a warning of potential suicidal ideations, along with a dozen of other (potential) se's.
    these meds can truly, precipitate ravaging effects on one's mind.
    that is why i am against them being used for relatively benign depression...
    and should be prescribed selectively and judiciously.

    major depression is a devastating illness that impacts all who are close to the person.
    given appropriately, antidepressants can be literal doubt about it.
    but "just a pill", can also be wreak excruciating havoc, if chemically incompatible.

    you are 100% spot on when stating that it takes a lot to climb out of depression...
    and that meds are only a small part of the solution.
    i also really liked the poster who stated that if you have the energy to complain, then use this energy constructively.
    being productive help with one's depression...often feeling rewarding.

    this thread has been enlightening in so many ways.
    thanks to all who have contributed.

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