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Denied Health Insurance because of mental health care?

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    I am a third year BSN student still covered under my parent's insurance. Since high school (3+ years ago) I have taken antidepressants, been prescribed the occasional benzo for anxiety, and sought psychotherapy off and on. My question is, once I graduate and have to get health insurance in the real world, will I be denied? I've heard that past mental health care is often a reason people are denied coverage. Should I be worried?
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    If you have mental illness with a physical cause, like depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, it must be covered by insurance with the same rules as a physical illness. I know drug addiction and personality disorders have different rules under my insurance, I'm not sure about anxiety.
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    I believe if it is a group plan, you aren't excluded for mental health issues. Here in California, mental health is equal to any other illness (parity).
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    You may have trouble with medical insurance and life insurance (meaning you'll pay more for it).

    The good news is that getting medical coverage through your employer will get you enrolled in a group plan which, from my experience, means no disclosure of conditions nor exclusion thereof.

    I don't know if this a state-by-state thing or not. I, too, am in California.
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    MEntal health parity is a state by state entity. I assume the OP is in Missouri. She will need to check this out. However, obtaining health care thru a group plan shouldn't be too hard.

    Mental health parity is treating mental illness just like physical illness. It puts the mentally ill on the same footing as those with a physical ailment and allows them coverage for hospitalizations, meds, counselling, therapy. It is a good idea.