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Hello. I am in desperate need of advice. Ironically, I am an advice nurse...but I need help sometimes too! I have been a nurse for almost 27 years. I am beyond burned out. I can really say I have... Read More

  1. by   jahra
    Dear MA Nurse, I will defer to the above discussions about coping with the stress while at work. I am retired after 30 years in
    nursing. I would like to address another issue... What are you doing outside of work to nurture yourself? When in a high intensity field we
    need to take time for activities and interests that allow us to care for ourselves. I took walks by the ocean on days I could not manage
    driving to dance classes. I formulated a list of interests and activities for myself as a person, when my nursing cap was off and I was not
    on duty. Take yourself to lunch, take a walk , celebrate the hard work you do when it feels like no one appreciates you. Take your friends with you, no nursing talk. If we allow, nursing can consume us. Especially in these days of business first...... Please know that your work and all of the nurses who visit this forum is appreciated and honored by those of us who have been there. And also the many patients you have helped along the way and have praised your work to family ,friends and employer...
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  2. by   kikyou322
    Hi...sorry for not replying too...I myself am dealing with stress just in my second year as a nursing student....stress with my family..especially my mom can't wait to kick me out from the house...irritated I can't give financially coz I quit my job but it is all having the middle child know when my mom prefers my siblings....I know for is not to quit with what we are. Maybe to walk away in your stressful I will walk away here...just asking to give me 14 months til I graduate and get a job and a place to stay without the emotional and economic abuse. And most of all, I pray....because I feel helpless fighting against these odds...and so...I will pray for you as I pray.
  3. by   nurseburst
    Hey MA,

    This is a very late response but felt compelled to respond although I hope you are doing better. A little bit of my background... I worked as a bill collector (yep lol) for about 3 1/2 years then I worked in a call center for an airline. From there I went into nursing school. I absolutely hated being tied to a phone... I felt like the cord to the headset was a chain. But anyway...

    Now, I've been a floor nurse for about 4 months and the grass is not always easier on the other side. I have never had so much anxiety in my life (even as a bill collector, which I hated to death) and I am now diagnosed with Hypertension... about 2 months after starting to work where I am in LTC/Rehab.

    But I also wanted to share when I worked for that airline, a Nurse took a detour from Nursing and went to work in the call center. She was burned out... about 8 months later she hated it more than what she was doing (Home Health) and ended up going right back to where she was I guess with a new perspective?

    I definitely think that if you hate it then you hate it and should look for another avenue in Nursing. Sitting at a desk and taking calls is tough... people think it's not but it is mentally and emotionally draining (not to mention the effects of sitting for 8-10 hours a day) and I can only imagine how much TOUGHER it is to have to deal with calls where patients are extremely stressed, anxious, etc... Sure, I have had some REALLLLY bad calls... and was called every name in the book but I don't think I would sign up for that job. In fact, you mentioned it reminds you of being a 911 dispatcher. I went to inquire about becoming one a few years back... and totally decided it was NOT for me.

    In the meantime, try to develop coping mechanisms. I was really close to the people I worked with at the call centers. And the great thing about not being face to face is you can make faces they won't see... it might be seen as unprofessional but hey, it will let off some steam and isn't harmful as long as you are still handling the call professionally.

    I know how stringent call centers can be about you being OFF the phone too... or call length... they monitor EVERYTHING. But hey, if you need a little mental break... take one. It will make your next one better.