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Hello. I am in desperate need of advice. Ironically, I am an advice nurse...but I need help sometimes too! I have been a nurse for almost 27 years. I am beyond burned out. I can really say I have... Read More

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    The stress is a combination of things...sometimes it's not knowing if I am saying the right thing because people can ask some bizarre questions. Most of my stress comes from things like telling a person a lot of advice, trying to convince them they don't need to see the doctor, then they still ask to come see the doctor. Or the parent who thinks they need to come to the ED because there child has a fever of 101. Or the person who doesn't request refills on their medication in a timely manner, so they call the advice nurse for help and we can don't much except relay the message to their doctor. It's just a frustrating job. I feel like people think nurses know everything, and the weight is all on my shoulders. I am not a doctor! When I hear stress and anxiety in someone's voice it literally makes me get palpitations sometimes. It's like being a 911 operator on some calls. I need to stand and walk in place more like one poster suggested. I also start feeling like a robot because we say the same things over and over. Sadly, at this point, I can say I am just doing this job for the paycheck. On the other hand, there are a few calls that will make me feel like I am actually helping someone. But it's hard feeling like I have to be a PI to figure out what they want, or what their problem is.
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    Thanks for saying I am important. I think the majority of callers just want empathy from someone who will listen.