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Hi all, I am a relatively new nurse, graduated in 2012 and working at my first job since last fall. I am a RN and I work on an acute inpatient psych unit. I'm having a few challenges related to... Read More

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    Well it's been some months since my last post, and really nothing has changed at work. I and several coworkers have brought concerns to management, and although they are sympathetic, the situation hasn't changed. As well, a colleague I am friendly with, who I think is a great nurse, is being severely bullied to the point of maybe going on stress leave at this point. It is frustrating to see. It is beyond time for me to move on and find other work. Any tips on job hunting? The thing is I know I need to leave but I feel so run down and demoralized it has been hard to find the oomph to writer resumes, send them out, etc etc.

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    If anyone wanted an update - I found a new job a few months ago, in an entirely different area of nursing. I am totally blown away by how night and day different it is. SO DIFFERENT. My current job of course is not perfect, no job is, and of course there are little disagreements from time to time, or certain staff who don't love other certain staff. BUT overall the environment is friendly, supportive and non-bullying. I had no idea just how badly the last job was affecting me until I left and saw the difference. Just wanted to post an update in case anyone else is in the same boat, and wondering if they should find a different job. My only regret is that I didn't leave sooner.
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