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Anyone doing Curves? - page 2

I'm thinking about joining Curves For Women. I will be going past it with my new job, so it will be convenient. I recently tried out some different classes at the "Y" too, but my fitness level was... Read More

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    Quote from RainDreamer
    Same with me!! I had to sign a year contract, went for like the first 4 months, and then got tired of it.

    And I feel so bad because they keep taking money out each month, and I never go, what a waste!

    I really should try to go back.
    There are more places popping up, have you noticed? Other strip mall-type exercise places. The names escape me now...but they advertise being open for 24 hours. Unfortunately, I think they let men in....

    I don't think I could stand doing Curves again...

    Gosh, maybe us nurses should start our own strip mall exercise clubs and we would do it RIGHT!!