Any tips for decreasing anxiety/increasing safety when walking to a car in the dark?

  1. I work at a hospital in a creepy part of town. First job, new grad, etc. Absolutely love where I'm at, and I finally get the opportunity to move to day shift! (After 9 months waiting). My only fear is that I will now have to trek across creepy parking lots and streets to get to my car... This is no problem for night shift workers because you arrive as the sun is setting, leave when it's rising, and get free parking in the garage attached to the building. Day shift workers don't get the garage luxury. I have already had one creepy encounter in THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY when a guy cursed at me and chased me halfway to my car... Thank goodness I got away, but didn't have the brain to call security until after I got home so he's still at large... Any advice on staying safe? I don't have any day shift buddies yet so that isn't an option.
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  3. by   aTOMicTom
    Have security walk you to your car. They are probably happy to get outside and it is their job, too!
    Or, get a nice long biopsy needle and wave it around as you walk. Thugs are afraid of needles, as everyone knows.

    Grats on the new job/hours! (I can say "grats" now, it's in the Oxford Dictionary)
  4. by   Esme12
    First ask security to walk you out. That should make you safe. I have worked in some environments that were.....shall we say..... challenging.....Walking to your car.....act crazy, talk to yourself, or talk to someone on the phone. But keep your wits about you and whats around you. Carry a small can of aerosol hair spray and a lighter......Hair spray becomes a blow torch when the spray is lit with a lighter. Have your keys out and ready to use. Buy a little air horn to make loud noises.

    Depending on where you live....get a stun gun and/or pepper spray. Don't be timid walk with confidence...let them think you will be a tough target and will make a lot of noise. They will move on..they get their jollies on fear.
  5. by   Guy in Babyland
    I bought my girlfriend one of these a few Christmases ago. Best Self Defense Products: TASER® C2™ CEW You shoot them (up to 15 feet away) and drop the Taser. It stuns them for 30 seconds. Get a police report and send it to Taser. They will replace your Taser for free. If there is more than one person, pop off the cartridge and the taser becomes a stun gun (contact with the Taser itself). The threat of being "tased" can discourage some attackers.
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  6. by   RNewbie22
    Haha. I like the blow torch idea. That's great! I have thought about asking security, but it takes them at least 30 minutes to get to me... I figured it would be obnoxious to have the same RN call every flipping shift 3x a week. But I suppose it's part of their job?
  7. by   Esme12
    it is apart of their job......they drag their feet probably on purpose to discourage you from using them, I've run into that before.

    get your keys in your hand ( I always had them around my neck before I walked out the door so I didn't fumble) with the aerosol spray can and the lighter in the other hand or visa versa.....light the lighter and press the spray can. Blow torch